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Blocked Drains: Why Call a Plumber?

It’s safe to say that every home owner has potentially suffered with the inconvenience of blocked drains.

While many blockages begin before your entire drainage system decides to fail, many individuals don’t see the little tell-tale signs that let you know, at some point in the future, that your whole drainage system is going to back up and make your life a misery, if only temporarily.

Noticing that the water isn’t draining away as quickly as it usually does from your sinks, bath tubs and shower cubicles is where most see a problem is beginning. At this stage it is quite acceptable to use a plunger, this only serves to shift the built up debris in your drains rather than cure the problem completely. The humble plunger does offer a temporary fix as the power of suction works to move whatever it is that is causing the blockage, but it doesn’t work to dispel the problem altogether.

When it comes to home maintenance, prevention is usually better than cure, and calling in a plumber to deal with your slow drainage system as soon as you notice a problem would be a good idea. A professional plumber is well placed to locate the cause of any blockage, large or small, and comes equipped with all the right qualifications, expertise and tools to resolve your issues quickly and at a relatively low cost.

Generally people think of plumbers as the people to call when you have a leaking tap, but today most plumbers offer a full service which includes the unblocking of various utilities around the home including sinks and toilets as well as offering solutions to outdoor drainage issues and blockages.

Using a selection of flexible probes, a plumber can often detect the cause of any blockage around the home quite easily. Pushing the thin metal rods down into your drainage system is often enough to find the place where the blockage ultimately begins and ends.

Most drain blockages around the home are caused by a collection of residue and grease. Bathrooms often fall victim to blockages from a build-up of soap residue, hair and general dirt while kitchen blockages are often caused by an accumulation of food waste, fat and grease. Fat, grease and soap scum often sticks to the internal wall of the drainpipes, over time making the opening smaller and causing the collection of smaller particles to clog together. This is where you can see that a plunger alone won’t fix the basic cause of the problem, but a plumber can.

Once a plumber locates the residue collection point he can then begin to disassemble the piping to remove the grime. However, if the blockage goes beyond the visible pipework, a professional plumber will use a powerful and highly pressured water hose specifically designed to blast away build up.

A modern everyday family can put a substantial amount of pressure on their drainage system so it’s always a good idea to make sure you have reputable plumbers at hand to call on in a drainage emergency.

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